Jun 3, 2018

Raid on eatery exposes unhygienic conditions

Vijayawada: Raids conducted by the officials of the food safety department on an eatery on Museum Road on Friday and ice factories on May 22 in some parts of Krishna district exposed the horrible conditions prevailed in the eateries and ice factories.
The officials were shocked to see the poor hygienic conditions in the eatery on Kaleswara Rao Road and immediately seized it on Friday. 
Keeping in view of the demand for variety of dishes, the owners of the eateries and restaurants are simply cooking and serving the customers without maintaining hygienic conditions on their premises and kitchens. The officials also noticed stale food items in the eatery. 
The food safety department officials after receiving complaints from the customers raided the Good Morning Restaurant on Friday and seized it. 
Assistant food controller (AFC) N Purnachandra Rao led the raid. The officials noticed that stale flour was being used for making different food items. 
Moreover, the sanitation conditions inside the restaurant were also very bad. 
Good Morning Restaurant is located in a very important location at Governorpet. 
Consequently, a large number of customers visit the restaurant every day. Unfortunately, the management had failed to maintain hygiene and use quality raw materials in preparation of food items. 
Assistant food controller N Purnachandra Rao said the restaurant was seized due to poor hygienic conditions and using stale material for cooking. 
This is only a tip of the iceberg. If the officials conduct raids on some more restaurants in the city, many facts will be exposed about the poor quality of food served to the customers and poor hygiene inside the eateries and restaurants.
Due to shortage of staff, the food safety department is not able to conduct raids on many restaurants, hotels and eateries in the city. 
Hundreds of road side eateries are serving food items from 5 am in the morning to 10.30 pm. In most cases, the owners are neglecting the environs in kitchen and wash rooms.
In the rainy season, there is a possibility of outbreak of seasonal deceases due to poor hygienic conditions. 
Customers are asking the officials to conduct more raids on the eateries, restaurants and hotels in the city and keep a vigil on the hygienic conditions, quality of material used for cooking. 
Raids conducted by the officials on four ice factories on May 22 in the district also exposed the dirty conditions prevailed in the ice factories. 

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