Oct 15, 2017

Ahead of Diwali, health department officials unearth a unit producing mawa using vanaspati oil and milk powder

JAIPUR: The health department's food safety officers unearthed a mawa manufacturing unit which was preparing it by using vanaspati oil and milk powder in Morijavillage of Chomu in Jaipur on Saturday.
They also destroyed 120 kg of mawa prepared by using vansapati oil and milk powder. They also collected samples of rasgulla and mawa from different shops in the city.
Ahead of Diwali, health department's food safety officers inspected Chitwari area of Chomu, where large numbers of factories are situated producing mawa and collected samples for testing its quality on Saturday.
It is a small village Chitwari in Jaipur's Chomu tehsil which supplies mawa for fulfilling its requirement in Jaipur.
"Recently, we have found that there is a mawa producing unit near Jaipur which was using skimmed milk powder and vanaspati oil. It was substandard mawa. Now, as the demand for mawa has gone up, it is required to ensure that people should not get adulterated or sub-standard mawa," said, Dr Narrottam Sharma, chief medical health officer (CMHO) Jaipur.
The food safety officers started their day at 6am and till 6pm, they continued collecting samples of mawa.

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