Jun 12, 2018

FSDA to keep check on ‘adulteration’ of food items

As temperatures in Meerut continue to rise and shelf life of food decreases in this summer season, the Food Safety and Drugs Administration (FSDA) will be conducting drives to check adulteration of food. It should be noted that shelf life of food decreases during summers, locals tend to fall prey to poor quality of food and then fall ill.
“We are set to conduct an anti-adulteration drive in the district wherein we will take suspected food samples and send them for checking in our Lucknow laboratory. As the city’s temperatures are on a rise, chances of spoiled food being sold increase,” said Archana Dheeran, designated officer of FSDA, Meerut unit.
Customers can file complaints related to food adulteration with the department, also on condition of anonymity, said FSDA authorities.
Also, if any city resident is apprehensive about a certain food item, he or she can send it for testing to the food department personally and if the sample is found adulterated, a complaint can be filed immediately. The sample may be submitted by depositing Rs 1,000 and if found adulterated, a complaint can be filed with FSDA officials, who will take further action on it.
“A team of officials has been made, which will conduct anti-adulteration drive in the district,” said Dheeran.

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