Jun 11, 2018

10 tonnes of artificially ripened mangoes seized in Dindigul

Madurai: Food safety officials from Dindigul district seized 10 tonnes of artificially ripened mangoes and destroyed them. The mangoes worth Rs 5 lakh were found during the raids conducted at various godowns around Palani.
The surprise raid was conducted late on Saturday night at Ayakudi village and its surroundings, based on a complaint. Officials said that at least eight godowns were found to ripen mangoes using carbide stones and spraying chemicals.
The raid was conducted by a team lead by the designated officer for food safety, Dindigul district, Natarajan. The official also warned other traders in the locality with severe action, if they continue this illegal practice. The officials said that mangoes are produced in a large-scale in and around Palani and the variety of mangoes grown here are sent to various cities.
Officials said that common symptoms of artificially ripened mangoes were stomach upset, ulcer and vomiting. Those who are allergic to chemicals may get skin problems like rashes and itching. They also warned that in rare cases, it can also cause cancer. They advised public to be careful while choosing mangoes. One can identify an artificially ripened mango once it is sliced. When the outer surface is ripened well compared to the inner part, it is an indication of artificial ripening, they said.

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