May 28, 2018

Kerala: Food safety nod mandatory in school kitchens

DPI to ensure that all noon meal kitchens get registrations shortly.
Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala State Child Rights Commission has made it clear that Food Safety Registration is mandatory for noon meal kitchens in schools. The Commission has asked the DPI to ensure that all noon meal kitchens get registrations within a short time. The Commission passed the order during the hearing of the food poisoning case at Thonnakkal LP School. The school kitchen did not have registration. The cooking staff at the school did not have medical fitness certificates. Raw materials used were also found to be sub-standard.
The Commission also asked the Assistant Education Officer and noon meal officer to visit all school kitchens and submit a report. The DPI should instruct school headmasters of all schools to ensure cleanliness in kitchens. It should also be ensured that food materials and water used for cooking were safe. All the cooks who prepare food should have medical fitness certificates.
Sources said that as per the guidelines of the union Human Resources Development ministry, Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) and School Management Committees (SMCs) should monitor the regularity and wholesomeness of the mid-day meal served to children, cleanliness in cooking and serving of the meal, timeliness in procurement of good quality ingredients, fuel, implementation of variety in menu so as to make it attractive to children and to ensure social and gender equity on a daily basis.

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