Jun 15, 2017

Food safety department conducts raid on Inox

Vijayawada: The department of legal metrology and food safety department have jointly conducted a raid on Inox Multiplex at Gandhi Nagar in the city and collected the details of the price list and quantity being sold to the customers. Every day, hundreds of movie goers purchase different types of soft drinks and packed and unpacked food items.
  • Collect food samples for the lab 
  • Water bottle sold at excess price compared to other places
The officials noticed less quantity soft drink sold to customersThe raid was conducted on Wednesday following complaints lodged against the canteen for the selling the soft drinks and food items at an excess price. The food safety department had collected the samples of samosa to test the quality in the lab. Assistant food controller N Poornachandra Rao told The Hans India that that the raid was conducted following the complaint lodged against the canteen for selling the food items at excess price and giving less quantity to the consumers. He said some samples of unpacked food items were collected to test the quality in the lab.
Legal metrology department had noticed that less quantity of soft drinks sold to the customers even after collecting high price. Common people are worried over the exorbitant prices being collected for the food items like popcorn, samosa and other food items. The legal metrology officials said that the canteen had violated the norms and details would be produced before the District Collector for taking action for violating the norms.
Poornachandra Rao said that notices would be served on some soft drink companies why they are selling the same quantity of drinks with same packing and ingredients at different prices. For example, there is a huge variation of price for the 200 ml soft drink sold in Inox and outside the shops. 
He questioned why these companies print different prices on the soft drink bottles for the same quality and quantity product. He said if the food products being sold proved to be sub-standard action will be taken as per the law.

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